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Nia Tero Meeting

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Kōrero o te `Ōrau Executive Members with Nia Tero Board Member and Master Navigator from Hawai'i, Nainoa Thompson.  Left to right: Jackie Rongo (Assistant Secretary), Dr. Teina Rongo (Assistant Chairman), Nainoa Thompson, and Teariki Rongo (Chairman).

Kōrero o te `Ōrau Executive Members Teariki Rongo (Chairman, Dr. Teina Rongo (Assistant Chairman), and Jackie Rongo (Assistant Secretary) had the privilege to meet with Nia Tero board members and staff and key members and share their stories at the House of Ariki in Kavera, Rarotonga.  Nia Tero's objectives include "securing indigenous guardianship of vital ecosystems," and are keen to support the Cook Islands' Marae Moana vision. 


Members of the House of Ariki and Koutu Nui were in attendance, and representatives from Marae Moana, Conservation International, local Non-Government Organizations Cook Islands Voyaging Society and Te Ipukarea Society (who focus on indigenous and environmental issues in the Cook Islands), as well as Te Kopu (NGO in New Zealand) were invited to attend as well.


After opening remarks by Kevin Iro (Marae Moana advocate) and introductions by Nia Tero board members, presentations were made by Jacqui Evans of Marae Moana, Sue Taei of Conservation International, Alex Olah of the Cook Islands Voyaging Society, Dr Teina Rongo of Kōrero o te `Ōrau, Tui Shortland of Te Kopu, and Tupuna Rakanui on behalf of the House of Ariki.  Each shared their organization's vision with the Board, and how each aligned with the vision of Marae Moana.  It was a special evening with positive connections made for all in attendance.


Prior to the meeting with the board, each organization was able to individually meet with Nia Tero key partners, Taholo Kami and Margarita Mora who were assisted by Te Kopu representatives, to provide more detailed information for the data collection process.  


Kōrero o te `Ōrau Executive Members were very grateful for the opportunity to share about the work that we do and hope to do, and look forward to building partnerships with Nia Tero members where possible.  

For more information on Nia Tero and the organization's objectives:

Writer Jackie Rongo is the Assistant Secretary of Kōrero o te `Ōrau.  For more information on the NGO and to support their work, please email

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