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‘Ātui’anga ki te Tango - April 2019


A collaboration between Kōrero o te 'Ōrau (local NGO focusing on environmental and indigenous issues in the Cook Islands) and Manava Ora o te Ivi Maori (culture-based school for Cook Islands Māori children), teaching children life skills and traditional practices.  This school holiday programme was made possible by support from parents and volunteers who believe in what the organizations are trying to achieve, and graciously supported by the Ministry of Agriculture Cook Islands through the Ridge to Reef Project Cook Islands. 

‘Ātui’anga ki te Tango (school holiday programme for Junior students) expanded from one branch in Vaka Te-A-O-Tonga in October 2018, to include a second branch in Vaka Takitumu running simultaneously in January 2019.  For the April 2019 programme, both branches combined at each home base with over 110 children participating.  Te-Au-O-Tonga's home base was located at Taputapuātea, with permission graciously given by Ngati Makea to use this special place.  Takitumu's home base was located at Te Miromiro Marae (Vaka Village), with permission given by Ngati Manavaroa.

The week long holiday was an amazing culmination of traditional activities ranging from the ridge to the reef.  The weather was unpredictable, leading organizers to employ 'Plan B' on a couple days especially on the marine activities.  It is envisioned that the third branch in Vaka Puaikura will come online for the October 2019 programme if possible!


Meitaki Ma'ata to all the parents, guardians, volunteers, supporters, and sponsors who continue to make this programme possible for our tamariki!  

For more information on the NGO and to support their work, please email

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