Terrestrial and Marine Research

One of Kōrero O Te `Ōrau's aims is to conduct scientific and cultural oceanographic and land-based research in the Cook Islands.  This encompasses the collection, collation, and analyzing of data and establishing a database for future research projects.  In addition, we aim to provide research assistance and information to overseas researchers in the Cook Islands.  We also aim to promote, maintain and monitor the integrity of the various protected avian, aquatic and marine species and their sanctuaries that exist within our Matakeinanga.

Indigenous support

Kōrero O Te `Ōrau aims to provide information to assist the Aronga Mana (traditional leaders) and Iti Tangata (indigenous people) of the Cook Islands in the management of their 50 nautical-mile seaward boundary and the tribal lands of their Matakeinanga (jurisdiction). We also aim to promote, execute and monitor the customary laws including ra`ui that control all manner of human activity on the land, ta`atai, roto, akau, and moana, aligned with the Marae Moana policy.  In addition, we aim to train the indigenous population to monitor and protect the ecology and biodiversity in their Matakeinanga.  Most importantly, we aim to ensure sustainable development is in line with the safekeeping of our cultural heritage and values.

Education support

Kōrero O Te `Ōrau aims to educate and conduct public awareness on local science in order to improve understanding of resource management, sustainable use and conservation in the Cook Islands.  We also aim to enable the convergence of traditional and local knowledge and practices with modern science for a better-integrated management approach.  In addition, we encourage and mentor young Cook Islanders in the field of science and seek funded scholarships for the pursuit of higher learning in science academia.

Media Outreach

Kōrero O Te `Ōrau aims to establish a media and publications unit that publishes research articles in peer-review journals and videographic and electronic documents and materials for local and international dissemination.  We also advocate and promote research findings in the Cook Islands on the international forum.